Namaste: the light within me sees the light within you. #uplifting #hopeful #namaste #rising #light #bright


Hello my friend, here we are again

Don’t you feel like you been here before?
Just a little flicker, but it may seem familiar
I see your reflection in me...

re-Member-ance is to Put-back toGether
Pieces the puzzle completes

We-are-not only the fila-ment
We-are-the-spark that will light-it afire


So Bright
Radi-a-te through-the-day
Shine through the darkness of night

Shine like the star that you are
That you are
Shine like the star that you are

The lights go Dim someTimes
The fire-light flickers down Low

Shadows creep In try to steal you away
it’s a Battle for Hearts and for Souls

but You and me, We’re from the sea,
The moon, the sun and the stars,

With our feet in the soil of this life here on Earth,
Cosmically dancing from the end to our birth


[Bridge: “That You Are…]
[V.1: (End)]