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Applied Music Theory

Have you ever wondered how to jam? Even if it’s playing along with your all-time favorite tunes or playlists? Or how to solo—like in a rock, blues or metal tune?

Or you are puzzling over how chords fit together, and maybe trying to figure “what sounds good” in order to write YOUR songs? 

Or the big one for those who have had some lessons, as well as personal time researching online, etc—How does all of this STUFF FIT together?!?

Believe it or not, these  seemingly disparate question/challenges are met by a unifying subject that I love teaching (often within context of weekly private guitar lessons): Music Theory! (and how it relates to your everyday listening and playing life.)

Proficient AND Professional improvisers, producers and songwriters alike will all tell you—you need to know some theory to get it done!

If you want to solo, jam, improvise, create your own music—and to have a deeper understanding for ALL the music that your are involved with, knowing Music Theory is essential in your pursuit!

Through a 23-year teaching career, I’ve worked with a number students (from acoustic singer/players, to EDM producers) coming in to learn only theory, and then go apply to instruments on their own—such a crucial step! For most of my students, we do this guitar-in-hand. Either way, we need to connect the theory we learn back to our instruments…and whatever you know: it is important to build (or keep building) your theoretical knowledge in more or less linear, structural sequence, as ideas are often built one-upon-the-other.

We start from the ground-up, moving through scales, keys, chords, related constructions, progressions, the modes, and more—all in sequenced, easy-to-digest, play-through applied manors.

I offer sequence, order, and progression. There is a lot of theory out there for musicians to grasp onto, but much of it assumes knowledge that may be missing. My approach will almost always fill in those gaps in understanding and prior knowledge to give you: Those Lightbulb Moments!!! . . . as you connect the dots in your listening and playing journey!  

You will regularly find new ways of identifying what you are hearing and playing, based on your deepening understanding of theory, and the appreciation of musical structures, forms, rhythms, textures, conventions, and conventions-broken.

Your foundation in Music Theory becomes your basis, your toolbox from which you build your solos, recognize and build chord progressions, improvise/jam, and write your own music.

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