"Anthony is truly a gifted instructor who has the ability to inspire and impart an exceptional grasp of music theory and technique to even the most beginning of students. His love of music and joy in teaching create a beautiful learning environment at any level."  — Kate Cotter,  https://www.reverbnation.com/katecotter

"Anthony Postman has been instrumental (all puns intended) in my development as a guitarist and a lover of music. I began taking lessons at the age of 14, and have been a student of Anthony's for numerous periods of my life (I'm now 27). He is a truly gifted instructor who adapts his teaching style to the student's needs. His knowledge is both immediately applicable and deep enough to satisfy even the most learned students. While I have learned a great deal from Anthony, I have appreciated most his support and commitment to my personal songwriting and performance, and I see numerous examples of this same dedication to his other students and their personal musical ambitions. I consider him a true friend and am thankful that I met him all those years ago." — Chuck McCumber, http://www.cecilsrefrain.com/