Anthony Postman

Scene Veteran, Emerging Artist

Anthony Postman is a thriving member of the Reno-Tahoe music scene. A former longtime host for reggae and world music on kunr88.7FM Reno he is known for bringing conscious and cultural music to his many varied DJ sets. From ecstatic dance to festival sets and residencies, Postman presents beats with global reach.  Anthony expanded his DJ moniker to ‘ThePostmOn Int’l,’ reflecting the global expanse and diversity of his sets…

…but recently signed out of DJing, to singularly follow his own long-developing artistic career.

Postman was also the 10-year Editor of Reggae Festival Guide Magazine, where he wrote and curated features presenting music, lifestyle and culture to over 100,000 readers annually. He also photographed countless reggae and world stages, events and festivals; working with many of the biggest names (both on and off the stage) in the reggae industry.

…but signed out of music media, to heed his own call.

As a musician, Anthony came from humble roots busking in the Haight-Ashbury and San Francisco’s downtown, to re-plant in Reno, where he blossomed as a player, and an awarded 23-year-plus music instructor. He’s spent many years playing as a journeyman, backing a myriad of musicians, and playing in the area’s finest reggae bands, including the lovingly notorious Keyser Soze, and the early-school mainstay Serious T'ing).

In 2016  A.P. was hired to play electric and lap-slide guitar for Reno Symphony Orchestra’s Rhythm & Rawhide event; as well as backing guitarist for Army at the festival institution that is Reggae on the River.

2017 was a banner year, with Postman having co-produced a dozen special yoga-and-music events; and having great experiences playing several major West Coast festivals: bringing sound-healing and global beats to Lightning In A Bottle; DJ sets at Sierra Nevada World Music Festival; and backing other performers at both Wanderlust and Oregon Eclipse/Symbiosis Festival.

2018 and 2019 saw Anthony continuing to build his own catalog of songs: diving deep into songwriting, and composing original instrumentals.  Postman pursued training in songwriting and voice [both with the amazing Cari Cole and her team], working to hone his talents and craft to not only its finest possible ends (hopefully!), but indeed to the finest possible process of creating art that is music that is guts and grit. feeling. redemption. somethin' real.

First Light drops in 2020, singles coming soon—hear “Shine” right now!