Anthony Postman

Build the dream daily

One of my earliest dreams was “The Rock & Roll Dream,” and while I haven’t released albums or toured the world (at least as a musician with a band), I am infinitely lucky to have lived and worked most of my life in music, as a player, teacher, writer, photographer, editor and DJ. All of these pursuits kept me on and beside many show stages and behind the scenes as well. The countless fellow musicians, radio and magazine people, and music lovers I’ve met and mixed it up with have imbued my life with spirit, heart, and a soul that is still ever-seeking that connection and deeper sharing that music brings us.


As one who has felt dispossessed (having lost many close to me at formative times) through much of my life, even having lived out of my car in the streets for a couple of years, it was always music that brought me back to find that place I belonged. Music was and—even more so now!—is that place of peace, calm, beauty and building, that place where I knew I could help pave my way up and out.


Approaching the Fifty mark (having had my own direct meetings with mortality) shifted my myriad musical involvements into view, bringing to focus the realization that my time is best spent in the more singular pursuit being the musical messenger. To transmit those rays that found me in some of those hardest times, those rays that gave me songs of love and hope to sing when it felt like all the doors were closed.


Now the doors are opening to my own musical mansion, a place of convergence: a place of belonging within the music, a place for all to come to celebrate and radiate in higher love, to connect in the redemption of growth and strength through struggle and challenge, in our truth to power; and to wonder and share gratitude in the beauty and mystery of it all.